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2021 Family Photography - A Day in the Life


How To Have Socially Distanced Family Photography


What Does This Look Like?

This blog is all about reassurance that your socially distanced family photography shoot is going to be business as usual. Since Corona Virus entered the world our lives have looked very different. Luckily my outdoor family photography style has not been massively effected by social distancing. Apart from high-fiving a particularly well behaved child for not pulling funny faces, there will not be many noticeable differences in making sure that your COVID safe family photography experience is enjoyable.

Relaxed family photography at Water Lakes, forests, any where public that quite photogenic or ill visit your garden for a Socially distanced family photography. 33263326

Socially Distanced Family Photography – How Does It Work?

My documentary style of family photography lends itself to social distancing. Apart from newborn shoots that usually happen inside, the majority of my family sessions are always outside. This is because I like you as a family to interact with each other without any pressure. Whether that is on a walk, feeding the ducks, or having a picnic together.

Giving you time as a family to play enables me to capture you without being commanding. When the time is right, if you all look particularly cuddled up or there is a lovely setting we will stop for some family portraits. But this is as ‘posed’ or ‘forced’ as the shoot will become. Kids respond better to candid photography with little ‘SAY CHEESE’ action. With this I am able to keep my distance and observe the moments from a safe distance. I have specific lenses and cameras that were made for this type of photography without impacting the photographs.

Natural and relaxed outdoor baby photography

As usual, when booking your family shoot we will choose somewhere outside that either has a special meaning to you as a family, or is just a picturesque place. some gorgeous families always walked their dog down a country lane , so this is the special place they chose. However, when we meet I will not be shaking your hand or giving you a warm hug to greet you. I can no longer give your squishy babies feet a little tickle. But I will be there with my smiling face and a big HELLO! We can still chat and interact with one another like we usually would do. I can still craft and capture magical moments for your family, whilst keeping a safe distance. I may just have to be that little bit more silly to get the giggles flowing from the younger generations – which in turn will help the adults!

Relaxed outdoor family photography shoot,

Keeping Each Other Safe

Upon booking a family shoot with me we will keep in conversation with one another. If at any moment you become unwell or a member of your family exhibits symptoms we can re-schedule. This is the same on my side of the fence too.

I will be cleaning my camera kit regularly, as well as washing my hands before and after shooting. There will also be anti-bac gel with me on all of my shoots as well. I will also be vigilant to observe the Governments guidelines to ensure the most care is taken.

Together We Can Make Your Socially Distanced Family Photography Shoot Work

If you are interested in booking a COVID safe family shoot with me then please do contact me and we can arrange something magical. or take a look at my website #selectiveshots #Selectiveshotsphotography



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