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What makes selectiveshots.co.uk different to the millions of photographers these days?

Well we are OPEN minded and can offer more than just the standard photographic ART service.

I personally have enjoyed Photography since a little boy, Hanging out the car window taking pictures as I went to school, Since then i have learnt about H&S and gained great skill with cameras and available light. After playing in the darkroom and smelling of fixer, learning fine art printing at college i have become a relaxed confident pro. capable of mimicking all styles. Previously I used to feel shy of taking picture's of people, but now i enjoy making people feel as relaxed as I am. We always put in some fun and Taylor your experience to get the outcome you desire. 


Amazing Engagement & Wedding Photographer, Events, Sports/Action, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape, Fine Art photography based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.